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Todo list Manager

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Different skin of the To Do List Manager - Todo list ManagerCHosse What the user can see of you edited it - Todo list ManagerLanguage menu - Todo list ManagerEdit in real time with your staff - Todo list ManagerDifferent color per theme editable - Todo list ManagerDifferent color per theme editable in the configuration file - Todo list ManagerThe To Do List Manager created by Nordahl firstly published on Gmodstore - Todo list Manager

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Description of Todo list Manager

"The to do list system for your gmod server allows you to give your daily or weekly goals to your users or staff, it can be used as gameplay content or for the development status of your project."

🚀 Presentation

Simple task manager (ToDo List) Editable in-game. Only readable by players and editable by in-game admins. Show your players the progress of your goals, this can be your project development goals, your gamemode on Garry's Mod.

Easier to read than going to a website for some.
Development progress, patches, list of known bugs. Reminds administrators what to do and more. It's up to you to organise your structure.
Some use a forum, a website that players sometimes didn't know existed, or others don't have the courage to go there. And others don't have one. This module fills a gap in task management and communication.
It motivates teams and players to see that things are moving forward.

It can also be used to create and give goals to your players.

✔️ No knowledge in scripting to know how to use it.
✔️ Compatible with all gamemode : DarkRP, CloneRP, LifeRP, AnimRP.

⚙️ Console COMMAND

  1. Tired of picking up commands here? Then use this new script(Scripts Command Center) All commands is pre configured in one unique customizable interface
  2. Open To do list: task_manager


  1. Open To do list:!todolist

✅ Compatible

  • Compatible with ULX ranks and other administrative addons.
  • Compatible with ServerGuard Since 21 january 2017.

📌 Customisation since version 2.3

New config file value allow to choose the position on the mini panel by default.

CONFIG.PanelPos = 4

--All Position of CONFIG.PanelPos
--Down_Left = 0
--MIDLE_Lef = 1
--UP_Left = 2
--UP_Midle = 3
--UP_Right (Default) = 4
--MIDLE_Right = 5
--Down_Right = 6
--Down_Midle = 7


Installation: Download and Unzip the folder nordahl_todolist_management.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,

- Path : garrysmod/addons/ nordahl_todolist_management

Steam / Garry's Mod Workshop

- Gmod Content Workshop ID : 2513506576
- You can add this to a server-side Lua file : resource.AddWorkshop( 2513506576 )
- To add the gmod workshop resources to your collection : Todo list Manager [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop

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