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ico Wiki of Youtube Server Control v2.5

Author: Nordahl Script
Published: 3 years
Last update : 11 months

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Question 1: How to add music into a playlist?
From the menu add the link of the video and click "Add": And select the playlist
Question 2: Some links to music don't work it's normal?
Yes, the author of the video blocking the share, so the video may not work elsewhere than on Youtube, find an alternative source.
Question 3: How to launch music that everyone on the server can hear them at the same time?

Question 4: I would like that when the player arrives on the server, that a music starts
Open the management panel, enter the link of the video and its information and click on the button reading.
Question 5: I would like to not that my players could not receive the music can you disable it from their side?
Yes it can be disable from the menu:
Question 6: Is it possible to start the music automatically from a playlist?
Yes from the menu, simply click on playback.
Question 7: How work the volume?
When the value is set to be on your side, this will only affect you, but when you play the music for all the server this value is applied to all the world this solves the problem of the volume of the music, not high enough.
Question 8: Where to find the configuration File?
Question 9: I would like that only the super admin can administer the system
In the config file :
Allow_Admin=1 --By default 1
Allow_SUPER_Admin=1--By default 1

Replace Allow_Admin=1
by 0
Question 10: How to add access to groups in ULX?
In the config file :

Simply add the ranks in ulx. For example I want to add the access to the rank owner {"superadmin","admin","owner"}