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ico Reviews of Youtube Server Control v2.5

Sales: 99
Buyer Rating: ★★★★★
10 reviews (average 5/5)
Author: Nordahl
Published: 2 years
Update : 2 months

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⚙️ 👤 Steam Profil img[TG-of-TN]walkka Rated: ★★★★★
This writer is close to his customers, he is listening and available, and it is not always the case with others, it pleases I recommend all of his scripts
Reviewed: 9 months ago | Purchased: 2016-11-19
⚙️ 👤 Steam Profil imgBurningMadness Rated: ★★★★★
Exellent system for playing music by youtube, i basically used mediaplayer on the workshop but i had issues but whis this one its perfect for any serious servers looking forward to make epic events or ambiances.
Reviewed: 9 months ago | Purchased: 2015-08-20
⚙️ 👤 Steam Profil img#РосКомМаксим Rated: ★★★★★
Just a little review update on 2.4 version, which I was using for my server with 100/100 online. Haven't noticed additional serverload or even FPS impact for players; very useful function to add music at initial spawn: when player firstly loads, they will hear a music, my players absolutely love it (even more than I expected)! Not every youtube video could be played (because some videos are restricted from showing outside of youtube), I recommend to filter those with Creative Common license (or upload yourself), overall this is a great script and reviews on my events improved since I started using it.
Reviewed: 10 months ago | Purchased: 2017-01-02
⚙️ 👤 Steam Profil imgNaoruim Rated: ★★★★★
de l'ancienne a la nouvel , je suis surpris tout fonctionne parfaitement , pas de bug au niveaux des joueurs , pas de chute de ping ou fps coter serveur script propre

Of the former has new, I am surprised everything works perfectly, no bug in levels of the players, no fall of ping or fps to quote waiter clean script
Reviewed: 11 months ago | Purchased: 2016-11-10
⚙️ 👤 Steam Profil imgYuki Rated: ★★★★★
Essentiel pour les évents !
Merci pour ce script
Reviewed: 1 year ago | Purchased: 2016-06-20
⚙️ 👤 Steam Profil imgDawaklawak Rated: ★★★★★
Top pour mettre de l'ambiance lors des combats
Reviewed: 1 year ago | Purchased: 2016-05-22
⚙️ 👤 Steam Profil img[GRC] Marco Rated: ★★★★★
Reviewed: 1 year ago | Purchased: 2015-08-28
⚙️ 👤 Steam Profil img[SBR] Garrik Rated: ★★★★★
Vraiment sympas pour les events ou meme l'ambiance general c'est parfait. Merci
Reviewed: 1 year ago | Purchased: 2015-08-20
⚙️ 👤 Steam Profil imgSuperTofX36 Rated: ★★★★★
Vraiment trop cool, super bien pour les évents avec les joueurs :D
Reviewed: 1 year ago | Purchased: 2016-03-05
⚙️ 👤 Steam Profil img[YouTube] ElixorHD Rated: ★★★★★
Ce script et tout juste excellent surtout pour des events etc... Moi franchement j'adore :)
Reviewed: 2 years ago | Purchased: 2015-09-19