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📖 Version 3.5

Question 1: How to disable the HUD?
Since the button Option in the menu:
Question 2: I would like to change the time format 24h by 12AM/PM
From the panel, go in the option and made your choice.
Question 3: How to create an Agenda for a job?
Follow the example I have created a agenda for the job, Citizen.
Question 4: Can I use a command in chat to open the Jobs planning?
Yes, the command is !agenda
Question 5: You say that there is a system of cycle days, what is it?
In normal time on the server there is no schedule or day preset, and this system is not a simple planning, it is itself a system of cycle day of the week.
Question 6: Is it possible to speed up or slow down the cycle of day?
Yes, as it is not a system based on hours real it is possible to choose how much time takes 1 hour virtual, in this example I have decided that 1 hour virtual is equal to 15 minutes real.
Question 7: We have multiple admins can we all write at the same time in the schedule?
Question 8: Players can see the planning without the change?
The player will have to type in the chat: !agenda pour afficher l'agenda
Question 9: Is it compatible with the SchoolRP?
Yes, all of the gamemodes running on the basis of the DARKRP
Question 10: Where to find the configuration File?
nordahl_agenda_editor_darkrpjob\lua\autorun\ nordahl_schoolrp_planning_config.lua
Question 11: Turn off the alarm.
In the configuration file find the variable Enable_Alarm=1
Enable_Alarm=1 (Notification sonor activé)
Enable_Alarm=0 (Notification sonor désactivé)
Question 12: I would like that the new days don't begin at 00:00 but at 5: 00 in the morning.
In the configuration file, find the variableDay_Hour_Star And replace the number by the time that you want
Day_Hour_Star=0 (The new day begins at 00:00)
Day_Hour_Star=5 (The new day will start at 05:00 AM (du matin))
Question 13: I would like the day ends at 17:00 not midnight.
In the configuration file find the variable Day_Hour_End And replace the number by the time that you want, 17 for your case.
Question 14: We have changed the ringtone in the configuration file Alarmsound="ambient/alarms/alarm1.wav" but we hear the new ringtone.
The only problem that might be is that the sound is sent on the server but you do not share it with the players, so either you create a content for the workshop of your server, or you configure your fastdl and insert the sound in.
Question 15: Everyone can see the panel, I want it to be only admins, is it possible?
Yes in the config file find the variable Only_Admin_Access=0 and replaced by 1. Only administrators will be able to open the panel.
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