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ico Job Agenda Editor v2.9

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Author: Nordahl Script
Published: 2 years
Update : 6 months

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Video a little outdate, alot update since. :)

⚠️ Important Points:

This is not a DLC, it is a fully complete system. Real-time editing, no need to reboot your server It is instantaneous. Compatible with Atmos. (My script manage automatically the cycle of day/Night effect) This is not a DLC, it is a fully complete system. This script works without DarkRP or any gamemode, and is compatible with all. Compatible with ULX and all other adminaddon using the same system Compatible with ServerGuard Groups Since 21 january 2017

📌 Description:

Real-time Management Planning - combined with my timetable cycling system. Days and hours work with all gamemodes; it's a system inspired by my admin availability management system. It's been re-written for the management of some DarkRP Jobs and pupil group management in School RP. It was translated in 20 languages. Hours in the day and days in week are automaticaly updated from Monday to Sunday. Your actual planning is written on a HUD on the top right, displaying the time and what you have planned for that time.

📌 Features:


  1. Editing of the name of plans on the timetable (jobs and/or groups).
  2. Ability to create multiple plans per group.
  3. Working together on the same timetable.
  4. Cycle of hours, minutes, secondes and days.
  5. Option to show/hide the 3D model.
  6. Hide Groups Useless

📌 Management Interface:

  1. Management panel.
  2. The Panel is already translated into 20 languages (Bulgarian, Czech, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish).
  3. Disable or Enable F1 to Open the Planning

📌 Time:

  1. [Automated] Week cycle from Monday to Sunday.
  2. Horraire cycle.
  3. Set the Day hour range (Choose hour the day start and finish)

📌 Option:

  1. Planning - Option - [Admin]Set the days with hours.
  2. Planning - Option - HUD in the corner of the current activity.
  3. Planning - Option - [Admin]Select number of plans you want on your server.
  4. Planning - Option - [Admin]Set the names of plans - can be a group or a job.
  5. Planning - Option - HUD draw (ON / OFF).
  6. Planning - Option - [Admin]Give name of planning can be a Group or a Job.
  7. Planning - Option - Language Selection (Bulgarian, Czech, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish).
  8. Planning - Option - Time format (AM/PM or 24 hours format).
  9. Planning - Option - [Admin]Virtual Conversion Time.

📌 Persistence:

  1. Real-time backup that prevents data loss in case of a crash.

📌 Console COMMAND:

  1. -To open, read or manage the planning and the set the time format option: planning
  2. -To stop the time: planning_time_stop
  3. -To play the time: planning_time_play


  1. -Open the Panel Youtube Music System: !planning

📌 Compatibility Bonus:

  1. My script is compatible with the Atmos (weather, day and night addon). Tired of typing commands for night and day? You don't have to, it is automatic.

/!\ No knowledge in scripting to know how to use it.

/!\ Zero Material.

📌 Compatible:

1.Compatible with ULX Admin Groups Since 30 august 2015
2.Compatible with ServerGuard Groups Since 21 january 2017


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⚠️ About Leak

I am a mindful and receptive human. I have projects, a family and a life. I give a lot of my time and do my best to make the best work. For me leakers are sick minded people that harm the creativity and their authors. My scripts exist because their is a real support. And improvement continues because I like work that is well done. If you think I deserve to be your dogsbody then you're a really, really sick guy. There is those that recognise a well done work and that support it, and there is the vermin. They are weak people that are addicted to a need of power and recognition. Or incompetent jealous that like to make losing time to those who work hard and that get ahead instead of get better themselves. A leaker is in the second category and their will stay what they are. Vermin. The ip of your server and SteamID collected allows the system to work. Using leaked versions of my scripts for a commercial context is STRONGLY not recommended.

No Refund when it's downloaded. The scripts I put here are used on my 13 servers before and tested. I believe in your seriousness.