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📖 Version 4.7

Question 1: How to configure the type of access to jobs?
From the menu, go to the list of jobs done by right clicking on a job and made your choice:

1. Public=The Job is accessible to everyone.
2. Whitelist=The Job is accessible only to those who are in the Whitelist.
3. Donator=The Job is only available to members who have a status of vip or donor.
4. Closed=The Job is not accessible.

Note: It is a choice are automatically saved and instant and you are free to change them at any time.

In this example we will enable the Whitelist on the job"Civil Protection Chief"

Question 2: Add someone connected in the Whitelist of a job. Method #1
When you open the menu of the Whitelist the first tab is the list of players logged in, made and right-click on a player and you will see the list of jobs, only configured.
Question 3: Add someone who is not connected to the server in the Whitelist of a job. Method #2
When you open the menu of the Whitelist go to the tab of the jobs configured, and enter the users of the player.
Question 4: Add someone from the menu_context. Method #3
When you open the menu of the Whitelist the first tab is the list of players logged in, made and right-click on a player and you will see the list of jobs, only configured.
Question 5: Add someone with a command server without being connected. Method #4
Caution keep the quotation mark:
Addwhitelist "Your name" "SteamID64" "Name of player" "Full Access" Addwhitelist "Nordahl Kurger" "76561198033784269" "Chuck Norris" "Civil Protection Chief"
Question 6: This is what the list Full_Access?
When a player is in the list Full_Access it will have access to all the jobs whitelsité.
Question 7: I would like to disable the system temporarily without uninstalling the script it is possible?
Yes, Easy.
Question 8: I have recorded more than 5000 users and I have 250 jobs I would like to find a user in the list to remove it how can I do?
In the search tab enter the users for the user you are looking for.
Question 10: I would like to Reset all the configuration it is possible?
A simple button. Or by command: "MetajolistDe"
Question 11: Where to find the configuration File?
nordahl_whitelsit_job_system_darkrp\lua\autorun\ nordahl_whitelistjob_config.lua
Question 12: How to configure the ranks of donors?
In the file configuration, find the variable:
If your ranks vip are renamed then replace its values with yours. Attention to capital letters and spaces, if you put a capital letter it is important.
You can put more ranks: you just need to follow this example: ULX_DONATOR_RANK={"donator","vip","vip2"}
Question 13: To configure keys F1-F4 to open the menu?
In the file configuration find the variable:
--0=Disabled, If you want to open the menu with this key, replace the value by=1
Question 14: How to Hide the Jobs for those who are not in the whitelist in the Menu F4?

EXAMPLE with a single trade: "Civil Protection"
--2 2 Lines need to be added in jobrelated.lua:
1. Ligne 1: customCheck
2. Ligne 2: CustomCheckFailMsg="You are not in the withelist!",

TEAM_POLICE=DarkRP.createJob("Civil Protection", {
color=Color(25, 25, 170, 255),
model={"models/player/police.mdl", "models/player/police_fem.mdl"},
description=[[The protector of every citizen that lives in the city]],
weapons={"arrest_stick", "door_ram", "weaponchecker"},
salary=GAMEMODE.Config.normalsalary * 1.45,
category="Civil Protection",
customCheck=function(ply) if CLIENT then return PlychangeAllowed(ply,"Civil Protection") else return true end end, --Respectez les majuscules et les espaces!!!
CustomCheckFailMsg="You are not in the withelist!",

--Why is this not working? If the original name of the job is "Civil Protection" you must follow it in its entirety.
Some wrong example:
--Bad caps:"civil protection"
--Spaces in the wrong place:"CivilProtection" or " Civil Protection " or "Civil Protection "
--The wrong name of the business, example: "Mayor"

⚠️ Error that I see regularly that deserves its place here:
CWhat is Valid in the name of the Job that is "Civil Protection"
Some Example invalid:
"civil protection"
" Civil Protection "
" Civil Protection"
"Civil Protection "
"Civil Protection "
Question 15: I have 300 jobs on my server. How to add job groups by category name to not put them all one by one?
When you open the menu, click on "Category Job" and insert the categories you are interested in, the effect is immediate.
Question 16: How do I take a job off the whitelist when it no longer exists on my server?
In a single button, click on the Cross of this job concerned.
Question 17: How I add ULX rank?
In the file : nordahl_whitelsit_job_system_darkrp/lua/autorun/nordahl_whitelistjob_config.lua

Find the variable : Allow_ULX_GROUP_CAN_ACCESS_PANEL={"superadmin","admin"} -- as you can see admin and superadmin are in the list
To add a new rank do like it -> Allow_ULX_GROUP_CAN_ACCESS_PANEL={"superadmin","admin","newrank"}
Question 18: When use the API?
The API allows to check if a user is in the whitelist and if a job is blocked from another script, It'is a useful and efficient method when server owner wants to customize its servers by creating npcs that allows changing job and functions like changeTeam who can override the system. It's also useful for creative developers wanting to make scripts compatible with my system
Question 19: How use the API?
In the file nordahl_sv/api_whitelistjob_sv.lua there are test commands to understand how works the API.

How it looks the API?
API_Whitelistjob_nordahl(ply,job_name,category_name) -- Will return true if the job is whitelisted or false the users will be notified if he is not in category white list job or if he is not donator

if API_Whitelistjob_nordahl( ply , job , nil ) == true then
print ("API_Whitelistjob_nordahl : Accepted")
Question 20: How do I make a job accessible only to donors?

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