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ico Wiki of Ambiance Server Manager v2.4

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Question 1: How to put music in my playlist?
Choose your playlist, and enter the music selected with the space key.
Question 2: I would like that when the player arrives on the server as an introductory music is played.
Open the management panel, enter the music in a playlist and click on the button reading.
Problem 3: I put the music in the folder 'sound', which in and of itself, music does not appear in the list.
Where did you put the music? On the server? In this case do not forget to share it with the players. Use your workshop content or your fastdownload. This is the one reason, if you do not see your music.
Question 4: Where to find the configuration File?
nordahl_ambiance_share_manager\lua\autorun ordahl_music_system_config.lua
Question 5: Is it possible to start a playlist automatically?
Yes, you just need to switch the playback from the menu, same handling for the deactivation.
Question 6: Can I play the music to all players on the server with the same volume for all the world?
Yes, when you launch an music, all the players have the same music with the same volume as you at the launch.
Question 7: It is possible to rename the playlists?
Yes, in the config file find the 4 lines, and rename the content with the name that you want to:

Playlistname1='Playlist Various'
Playlistname2='Playlist Horror'
Playlistname3='Playlist Nature'
Playlistname4='Playlist Combat'
Playlistname5='Playlist Stress'
Playlistname6='Playlist Relax'
Playlistname7='Playlist Environment'
Playlistname8='Playlist For Map'
Question 8: Is it possible to have a playlist for each map?
Yes, in this case place your music in the playlist of the map: