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ico Safe Zones System v2.7

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Author: Nordahl Script
Published: 2 years
Update : 7 months

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🎥 Video System Cubic #1 :
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⚠️ Important facts:

This is not a DLC. It is a complete system in one. No knowledge in scripting to know how to use it Fast, Spawn and Use. Compatible with ULX and all other adminaddon using the same system Compatible with ServerGuard Groups Since 21 january 2017

📌 Description:

Security zone system that is dynamic and customizable. Edit the list of weapons can be used in the area.
When you are inside you cannot get killed by another player, and you can't use your guns, A message will appear on your HUD with a logo to indicate that you are in the safe-zone and if you have the DLC a good surprise I made, when you get out of this one, the logo becomes red and indicates that you are out and disappears after 8 seconds. Timer of 5 seconds to receive the effects of protection of the area. To prevent abuse.

Update: 1.1.3

  • Add whitelist_weapons to being able to fire in the safe. Customisable
  • Include compatibility with ULX Admin Groups.

📌 Admin:

Only Andmin can see the entities.

📌 Feature:

  1. System of notification.
  2. Warning where you are Inside/Outside of the Area.
    NEW in 1.0.6 (Version December 2015):
  3. Time to protection activation is now configurable in file called 'share.lua'
  4. NPC Auto Delete when he entering the SafeZone can now be activate in file called 'share.lua'(Config in: zworld_safezone_square/init.lua)
  5. Whitelist Weapons System for weapons can be used in safezone. (Config in: nordahl_safezone_customizable_cubic\lua\entities\zworld_safezone_square\config.lua)
  6. BlacksList Weapons System for weapons can be used in safezone. (Config in: nordahl_safezone_customizable_cubic\lua\entities\zworld_safezone_square\config.lua)

📌 Persistence:

  1. Included persistence System.
  2. Activated the Persistence easily, press 'USE' on the entitie to enable or disable the persistence.
  3. Safezone can not be remove if Peristence is enable since version 1.6

📌 Configuration file (screenshot in media):


📌 FAQ:

Hello, how do i save the entities to the map so they stay when the server restarts?

Auhtor: Press 'Use' on the blue cube. That write 'Persistence Enabled'=activated or 'Persistence Disabled'=Disabled

*Hello, I have an bug I can use the weapons in the safezone

Author: Important part you can find in the config.lua line 44 complet your blacklist weapons or your whitelist. System is set by default on the blacklist. They are only the crowbar name inside the tab. If you can not firstly use the crowbar it's that work. Just complet it. Or use the whitelist and allow only weapons/Tools you want.


-To remove the safezones: "nordahl_safezone_cleanup"

-To clean the persistance file: "nordahl_safezone_persistancefile_cleanup"


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⚠️ About Leak

I am a mindful and receptive human. I have projects, a family and a life. I give a lot of my time and do my best to make the best work. For me leakers are sick minded people that harm the creativity and their authors. My scripts exist because their is a real support. And improvement continues because I like work that is well done. If you think I deserve to be your dogsbody then you're a really, really sick guy. There is those that recognise a well done work and that support it, and there is the vermin. They are weak people that are addicted to a need of power and recognition. Or incompetent jealous that like to make losing time to those who work hard and that get ahead instead of get better themselves. A leaker is in the second category and their will stay what they are. Vermin. The ip of your server and SteamID collected allows the system to work. Using leaked versions of my scripts for a commercial context is STRONGLY not recommended.

No Refund when it's downloaded. The scripts I put here are used on my 13 servers before and tested. I believe in your seriousness.