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All official news, announcements and official information
98 pic New Servers, new operating system
Emma loves chocolate
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💬 General Discussions EN
A little bit of everything and nothing
22 pic Text formatting language
David (NordaHL)
🧨 Suggested scripts
A script you can't find? Suggest your idea here.
24 pic Optimizer Script Idea
🎨 Artists' corners
Would you like to share your creations? Drawing, painting, photography, modelling, music, ect
10 pic Rules and good practices
Emma loves chocolate
🧰 Gmod Help and Support
A problem with Gmod, it's here.
10 pic Tips for using the EN section Help and Support Gmod
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🛎️ Requests for Services
Detail your needs here, mapping, coding, modeling, design
10 pic Rules and good practices
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🚀 Freelancer Offer your Services
Space for freelancers wishing to offer their services.
11 pic Tips for posting as a freelancer!
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🖥️ Present your Garry's mod / Gmod server
Presenting your Garry's mod / Gmod server
10 pic How to promote your server?
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🔋 Website and Forums Suggestions
Any ideas to improve the site and the forum? It is here
25 pic Big List of Suggestions
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Un peu de tout et de rien
21 pic Langage de formatage de texte
Emma loves chocolate
🧨 Suggestions de scripts
Un script que vous ne trouvez pas? Suggerez votre idée ici.
10 pic Conseils sur les suggestions
Emma loves chocolate
🎨 Le coins des artistes
Vous souhaitez partager vos créations? Dessin, photo, modelisme, musique, ect
10 pic Règles et bonnes pratiques
Emma loves chocolate
🧰 Aide et Support Gmod
Un soucis avec Gmod, c'est ici.
23 pic Problème pique d'utilisation du CPU
David (NordaHL)
🛎️ Demandes de Services
Détaillez vos besoins ici, mapping, coding, modeling, design
10 pic Règles de bonne pratique
Emma loves chocolate
🚀 Freelancer Offrez vos services
Espace pour les Freelanceurs souhaitant proposer leurs services.
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🖥️ Presentez votre server Garry's mod / Gmod server
Présentation de votre serveur Garry's mod / Gmod
10 pic Comment faire la promotion de votre serveur?
Emma loves chocolate
🔋 Suggestions pour le site Web et les forums
Une idée pour améliorer le site et le forum? C'est ici
10 pic Comment faire une suggestion pour améliore le site?
Emma loves chocolate
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🔵 Gmod-Glua-Lua
Tutorial & Discussion and questions about Glua and Lua
217 pic Change the negative number into a positive number
Emma Lovegood
🧩 Website PHP Javascripts
Tutorial & Discussion on the creation of web resources
11 pic Where do i start?
Emma loves chocolate
🗺️ Mapping EN on Source Engine
Tutorial and Discussion on Source Engine Mapping
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👔 Fr 🇫🇷 - Working space & TutorielsTopicsRepliesLast posts
🔵 Gmod Glua Lua - FR
Tutoriel et Discussion et questions sur Glua et Lua
11 pic Quelques liens utile pour apprendre le Lua
David (NordaHL)
🧩 Website PHP Javascripts
Tutoriel et Discussion sur la création de ressources Web
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🗺️ Mapping FR sur Source Engine
Tutoriel et Discussion sur le mapping sur Source Engine
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🌗 5 Last Comments
Change the negative number into a positive number
Thank you. I learned that a subtraction is heavier than a multiplication. This is important for future choices. 🙄
Emma Lovegood Replied 1575220399 ago
Change the negative number into a positive number
I understand. I was thinking about something else. Then. I tested again the solution n * -1, Is the best alternative among those proposed : 0.004s is good. 🙂
David (NordaHL) Replied 1575188049 ago
Change the negative number into a positive number
oh ok! 🙃
Orion Replied 1575187455 ago
Change the negative number into a positive number
Oh I'm...!! Thank!!! Because I updated my scripts to create an alternative for math.mod(official link) will be deleted from gmod and also math.Dist(official link) I wouldn't want my scripts to be broken by an update of GMod. I reduce this risk by doing this. If I replace math.abs by a simple mathematical solution and not too heavy. I'm going to use (n * -1) it's quick for my needs.
Emma Lovegood Replied 1575187332 ago
Change the negative number into a positive number
Question why?
David (NordaHL) Replied 1575186741 ago
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