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Solutions to known issues

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I have made a list of the problems I have already seen with the solutions that go with them, so you will save time.

Can't find your server's ip in the activation list? Check his points:

  1. The new activation system only works with the updated versions downloaded here from Originahl-Scripts.com.
  2. Did you reboot your server after installation?
  3. Did you install the script in the right place?
  4. Did you unzip the addon? (Already seen)
  5. Sometimes on some configurations the server remains in sleep mode until the first player is connected. If you have just rebooted your server, connect to your server for the first time so that it will be able to work properly for the rest.
  6. Never edit the name of the file and its sub-folders. The DRM during the checkup checks if the addon is installed to distribute the digital content.

    For example:
    If two friends buy scripts and one of them installs one of the scripts first, the server will take as owner the first one who installed the script.
    Solution: Open a ticket to combine your purchases into one account. With a confirmation message from both parties.
  7. Check your firewall, your server must have access to the web.
  8. Your host blocks the servers of some countries, open a ticket and ask them if they can authorize this domain name: originahl-scripts.com and drm.originahl-scripts.com

For no reason you must reactivate your script Why?

  1. This means that your host has changed the ip address of your server and the activation system does not recognize your new IP address, you will simply have to reactivate the script.
  2. You restarted your server during the maintenance of the site, in case of maintenance or update I always announce it on the page facebook, on groupe Steam et sur le Discord.

How do I know if the DRM is up or down?

You can see the status of the services here : 🔵 Check status-of-services
The report is generated every minute.