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Publish a new script

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To be able to publish a script you need the minimum rank of coder or editor.

To publish a new script go to your workspace and click on the "Script Creator" button
  1. Enter the product title
  2. Insert your product banner: format 348x198
  3. Write the product description
  4. Insert the zipped product

  5. Click on "Publish" to submit your product

Once your shipment is finished, wait for a team of staff to validate your submission, your product will only appear in the shop when it has been verified and then validated.
In the meantime you will be able to access your product from your published content list, edit the tags, price, improve the description, complete its documentation(wiki), etc.

About the status of the product?
To know the status of your product, go to your Workspace and the product edit page, on the right you can see the status of the product, if it is online or if it has been refused.

☰ Example in pictures :