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How do you test a script before buying it?

You have the choice between trying versions leakés of my scripts or me to do the request and try a clean os and update my scripts without taking unnecessary risks.
You are free to choose the solution that suits you best but this second solution is more secure for you.

You're afraid of buying a script without having tried it? I understand.
In order to remove this fear, I provides you with a server where all my scripts are installed. You will have access to interfaces for my scripts as a director.
You will have rights to my scripts so that you can freely discover and judge if it matches the description and the customer reviews and especially your needs.
Take note that it is normal that you will not have access to the ftp server.

Don't forget to make the request, I would add to the Whitelist of the server your steamid64.
I use this system to whitelist for filtering without passwords: Whitelist Server Access by Nordahl
to avoid the leak of the password.

To Join the test server:

📗 The server automatically turns off when there is no request in court.