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📌 Where to install an addon on Gmod?
Nordahl Nordahl :
The question is often asked. Unfortunately, sometimes, it is concluded that there is a bug when you can just simply install the addon to the location which it is intended.
We will take for example a simple script such as the Compass
I) Unzip file compass-zworld-afterlife.zip.

II) Copy the files extracted to the folder Garry's Mod : \Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons


III) After installation restart your server (Garry's Mod)

💡 Avoid the use of commands to reload scripts after installation. A restart is preferable, this has already solved the installation problems and it is clean.
⚠️ Never install your addons in the Lua folder at the risk of making bad handling and break your Gmod, that can cause a malfunction of your server and installed addons :