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📄 Tips on suggestions

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Emma's Addon Posted 1573407512
Before sending suggestions or comments in the Script Suggestions section, ask about the guidelines to be followed on the forum, it is the basis for everyone to feel good here, maintain a relaxed, serious atmosphere and avoid chaos.

Why suggest a script idea here?
You have specific needs and script ideas that you can't find elsewhere.
This is where you can submit them. If this matches the demand and objectives of one of the creators here, then he will work on it to bring this idea to life.
Once the product is finished, it will then be in the Marketplace.

On the other hand, if you want a custom script that is created only for you, then it is a private service, what we call a Job, then contact a private developer. Soon a Job section will be created on the site if it is strongly requested by the community.
How can we suggest a script idea here?
  1. To start, you need to create a new topic by suggesting a script idea with a clear title, not too long
  2. In your suggestion, you should be as clear as possible
  3. Pay attention to spelling to avoid double meanings in a text
  4. Provide diagrams if possible
  5. Be sure to detail the content you want to see in the product
  6. We create as a priority what does not exist here.

What not to do?
  1. Do not post a link from a product to a competitive site
  2. Do not provide the source code of a script to explain your idea if it is not your intellectual property, originahl-scripts.com is not a Leak site.
  3. We do not create scripts from copies of originals so there is no need to try to provide examples of scripts, here we only create originals.
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