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United Gaming ( DarkRP Server )

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gamekiller 3.0 Posted 1621679292 (Edited) (198 views)

United Gaming is a new established gmod Server, searching for new players, trying to built up a great Community.

What do we offer?

We offer:
nice Events starting automatic featuring eg Deathmatch, Fistfighting and more,
a Mayor Voting System,
a Lumberjack wood cutting system,
a Credit Store where you can buy your favourite item like Vapes or perm weapons,
a Go Kart Npc where you can buy yourself a Go Kart,
a Gang System, which allows you to creat a Gang, Ally with other Gang, or fight against other Gangs in a Gang Wars Event starting every 30min,
Meth, Weed and Cocaine Jobs,
and more ...

Where can you find us?

Server IP:

Website: https://unitedgamingonline.mistforums.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/e6aZUQtmSw

Hope to see some of you around soon.

Edit : I replace unitedgaming1111111 by unitedgamingonline
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Norda Posted 1623292703
Hi! :)

unitedgaming1111111 is not SEO friendly you should use a short name. :) I made the same error with Originahl-Scripts

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