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Deadsoulreaper(LightRP) Posted 1592569256
Hello all LightRP Founder here, we are a new semi-serious/serious Star Wars (Clone Wars) role-play server and also a semi-serious DarkRP community looking to make the best experience in such popular game-modes.

We are searching for players looking for a place to call home and flourish as a community together.

All recommendations and ideas are accounted for and voted on to create a more enjoyable and unique experience.

We are accepting most higher up ranks for Star Wars, game-master applications are still open currently, staff for both servers, if you are interested in visiting our forums, please go to: http://lightroleplay.com/forum/

All information about the servers will be found on our forums. We also have 2 Discords 1 for StarWars Battlelions and the other for DarkRP( StarWars https://discord.gg/687BaxK)
(DarkRP https://discord.gg/hCgJheh)

To get on our servers, please use these links for user ease on joining.
Star Wars Clone Wars: https://connect.kryptonnetworks.co.uk/
DarkRP: https://connect.kryptonnetworks.co.uk/
Even though the founders are from the UK(confusing, I know), we are a US-based community, but anyone is welcome to join.
We have an almost fully automatic donation system in place that allows users to donate at any point in time and the servers will mostly automate your package(there are some things we still can't automate for now sadly)

We offer daily events that are unique with a story based around them for more entertainment (This can only happen when there are enough users on the StarWars server, so it's best to bring some friends).
We are also pushing always for the most optimized flawless experience for our users, so anything problems discovered we would work our best to fix said issues.
I hope you give the servers a try. We are trying remarkably hard to make it a pleasurably great community for everybody!
~Community Founder Deadosulreaper
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