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📄 How to promote your server?

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Emma Lovegood Posted 1573431523 (Edited)
You want to increase your referencing? Promoting your Garry's Mod game server allows this.
Write a presentation of your server to give players and coders the desire to join you, the desire to help you and also active members to give constructive feedback to help improve it if necessary.

How to present your Garry's Mod server?

In the title:
  1. Server name
  2. Server type (Sandbox, Survival, RP, DarkRP, Ect)

In the body :
  1. Name of your server
  2. The IP of your server
  3. The description of your server
  4. The creation date
  5. Link to your server's steam group
  6. Discord Link
  7. Forum link
  8. Video or Screenshot of your project
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