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📄 How to promote your server?

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Emma's Addon Posted 1573431523 (Edited)
You want to increase your referencing? Promoting your Garry's Mod game server allows this.
Write a presentation of your server to give players and coders the desire to join you, the desire to help you and also active members to give constructive feedback to help improve it if necessary.

How to present your Garry's Mod server?

In the title:
  1. Server name
  2. Server type (Sandbox, Survival, RP, DarkRP, Ect)

In the body :
  1. Name of your server
  2. The IP of your server
  3. The description of your server
  4. The creation date
  5. Link to your server's steam group
  6. Discord Link
  7. Forum link
  8. Video or Screenshot of your project
  9. If you recruit coders

Make the effort to try to use text-formatting-language
Otherwise you will show that you are not following instructions that you yourself would like your users to follow on your own servers.

And please write a new post : https://originahl-scripts.com/en/forum/server-gmod-presentation/page-1
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Fire Plays
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Fire Plays Posted 1589161594
Flaming Networks Dark Roleplay
Custom Content || In dev ||
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WhiteWyvern Posted 1591311872
Insomniac Games
Star Wars RP
Hi ya! im here to explain what my server is and what we do
Insomniac Games is a Imperial SWRP Server we are SeriousRP(or atleast try to)
Our era is 2 years after order 66 so we use republic as imperial equipment too
so if this is something for you come join and have so quality time RP
[VG] Mason
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[VG] Mason Posted 1591942881
Server name Strikeback Gaming
Server type PoliceRP

Strikeback Gaming
Strikeback Gaming is a old gmod policerp and we hope to make it better than ever
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iMPERIALWOLF Posted 1592279809
► Community Name
Galaxy Roleplay, we are a small, up and coming star wars roleplay community, looking to bring a different type of experience to imperial roleplay within the star wars roleplay community. We are looking to break the mold and show that not all swrp servers can be the same and that there are still good swrp communities for people to play in.

► Features
- A unique imperial roleplay experience that is like what imperial roleplay used to be in 2016.
- Player ran factions that do not have staff being involved in their running, players that run branches in our server are responsible for their own branches and the players that are members of them.
- we have no custom scripts as of yet.
- A staff team that cares and is willing to hear out any suggestions, etc and will work to implement said suggestions, etc into the server if possible.
- potential to earn special uniforms/playermodels without having to pay a dime for them.
- future storylines & flexible timeline

► Server Information
: Server Title: [NEW]Galaxy Roleplay|Imperial RP|Hardcore Serious|
: Gamemode: Starwars RP
Framework: DarkRP
Hosted: United States
Slots: 85
Discord: https://discord.gg/zD846QK
Content Pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1422616163
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Jordz Posted 1593194186
Emma's Addon
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Emma's Addon Posted 1593221149
Please don't just be interested in your promotion, don't just read the title.

Thank you. :)

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