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📄 Rules and good practices

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Emma's Addon Posted 1573424647 (Edited)
Before posting any request, it is necessary to read the guidelines to be found on the forum: Documentation / Guidelines

To start with it may be that what you are looking for already exists, please check the Marketplace before if it is a script :

In which case the request for services is for you :
  1. You want the service to be for you only. This is then a service.
  2. You need a web programmer for your own site.
  3. You need a Source Engine mapper for one of your projects.
  4. You need a Lua coder for private work.
  5. You need a designer for your project.

Detail what you need and hopefully a member will find their way into what you are proposing and help you if your proposal meets their objectives.

For this to be validated, the information in your request or proposal must be clean and contain :
  1. A short and precise title. For example, the first word must contain the type of request, so for a recruitment: "Recruitment - Mapper for a Harry Potter PR"
  2. To offer your service, you must add your nickname in addition, this will improve your visibility, example: "Service proposal - David - Mapping for Source Engine" to make the difference between those who recruit and those who offer their services.
  3. Post your budget or rate, hourly rates or package and specify if it is negotiable or not, so as not to waste your time.
  4. In the body of the article try to provide a complete request so that in a single message it is possible to estimate the working time, on what you are looking for is your objectives.

Feel free to publish pictures, or demonstrations, also your Portfolio if you have one.
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