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📍 Tips for posting as a freelancer!

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Orion Posted 1573631374
Ever wanted to offer your services to people due to other sites not having the option, well nows your lucky day!
Here you can post what you do to help people

✅ The Goods!
- In great detail say what you do, the more detail you give the more people will want to hire you!
- Say the limits of what you can do.
- Give a reasonable price (a Non-Reasonable price would be 200$ for Darkrp Jobs)

❌ The Bads!
- Lying on what you can do, this is extremely discouraged!
- Not doing the job that you said you could do.
- Taking the deposit and leaving (If one is given)

These are not official rules approved by David or Emma, just something i decided to write for no reason, first post though!
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Emma's Addon
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Emma's Addon Posted 1573664373
Thank you, I will first write it in French in the FR Forum. This will help to lay the groundwork. In order to improve around a meeting. And when the text is finished I will translate into English. 🙂

In the meantime, I'll pin yours. 🙂

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