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How to write a tutorial on mapping for Garry's Mod?

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Mars Addons Posted 1582697562 (Edited) (5252 views)
Hello, in order to have quality and readable articles here let's try to put it in order by following its little rules.

  1. To start try to get interested in text formatting language to give a nice shape to your tutorial.
  2. Provide a list of pre-requisites before you start, for example the URLs of the software, be careful it must be the official site of the software provider. So no pirated copies.
    The links you provide must be in HTTPS.
  3. Avoid opening an article and just copy/paste a link from within without any explanation, it's useless, your topic will be visible at the beginning at the launch of the forum but later it will be drowned in the mass and with the words in the searches of the site we will not find your article.
  4. The title should be clear. When reading the title you should understand what it is about.

If you do not respect its rules the article can be deactivated because it will not be easily found and badly referenced on the site.

I remain open to any additional suggestions to improve his little rules.
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