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Shared Gmod server or dedicated server which choice?

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There are two types of servers. The shared server and the dedicated server. To help you choose the one that best suits your situation, let's compare these two solutions without delay.
Choosing the type of server is a mandatory step when creating your project. In other words, you must choose where your server will be stored.

  1. What is a shared server?
  2. What is a dedicated server
  3. What is the price difference?
  4. What are the possibilities with resources, configuration and management?
  5. What are the possibilities of evolution?
  6. Is it secure?
  7. Conclusion, what type of server hosting to choose?
  8. Some hosting providers
    8.1 Dedicated Server providers
    8.2 SharedServer providers

What is a shared server and a dedicated server?

1. What is a shared server? (known as mutualised)
Before going any further, it is necessary to understand what a shared server is.
Sometimes called a "shared server", your server is simply placed on a server that you share with other servers. This is hundreds of other shared servers installed on a single dedicated server, so it already gives you an idea of your performance limits with your Gmod servers or other game.
You therefore understand that the space available on this type of server does not belong entirely to you. Storage space, resources, but also bandwidth and database are shared between all the game servers of the others.

2. What is a dedicated server?

The dedicated server is the opposite of the shared server.
The server and its resources belong only to you and are therefore not shared with another user you do not know. Therefore, there is no fluctuation in performance for which you are not responsible. You are the master.

3. What is the price difference?

Within the framework of a shared server, you can host your game server for a few euros per month.
The cost is much lower than that of a dedicated server, on this point hosters will sell their servers as being the best performing and cheapest on the market. Watch out for this! This is not normal, because it is not true. Ask your hosting provider whether your server is a shared or a dedicated one to check it out for yourself.

4. What are the possibilities with resources, configuration and management?

A dedicated server has more resources than a shared server (called shared) since you do not share the bandwidth, or even the resources of the server, the available space, or the database. You can therefore optimise and adjust these parameters as you see fit.

With your own server, you can also access its root and configure it. This is an important advantage if you need to change environments.

However, not all the possibilities we have just seen are available on shared hosting, some of which are limited to giving you access to a single directory. The one where your gmod server is installed and sometimes even more limited, i.e. the Addons folder and the DATA folder.

You can only manage the most common needs of your server such as your database, the addons folder, or the monitoring of your server.

And what about updates to your server? On shared hosting, you won't have to worry about this, your updates will be done by your host with a more or less long delay depending on the availability of his team. On the other hand, on a dedicated server, you will make them instantaneously when you feel like it, i.e. when you are ready to make the update to avoid surprises during your absence.

If you have a server, you can therefore ask whether you have a dedicated server or a group server. So ask yourself the right questions about the performance of your server in relation to the price you pay and a dedicated server where 100% of the machine's capacity is dedicated solely to your projects.

5. What are the possibilities of evolution?

I am sure that you have ambitions for your project and that you will do your utmost to develop it and make it evolve in the best possible conditions and also allow your users to evolve on your server as smoothly as possible.

But pay attention to the type of hosting you choose, as you will be more quickly limited if it is shared. Don't forget: you share the available storage, resources, bandwidth and database.

This means that if the data to be stored becomes too large, you will have to opt for another type of hosting with a better storage capacity. The same will apply if your number of users increases considerably. Your server could become slow if it is poorly optimised or if a server for an unknown user overloads the bandwidth, which would degrade the user experience. To avoid this, shared server hosting companies can then restrict bandwidth.

The dedicated server is therefore suitable if you know that your project needs dedicated resources and that your reputation depends on the quality of what you offer. You can handle more traffic without any problem, process more data, install more addons while maintaining the good performance of your server.

On the other hand, you may need to increase the available space and other parameters seen above to accommodate an increasing number of addons and users etc.
With a dedicated server, you can grow too.

6. Is it secure?

Not surprisingly, the dedicated server is the most secure type of hosting - this type of hosting often includes protection against DDoS attacks and IP address blocking.
Again, security is not always automatic. You will have to set it up yourself. (With a dedicated server you are evolving too).

If security seems better on a dedicated server, this does not mean that no security is guaranteed on shared hosting.

What you need to understand is that with such hosting you cannot avoid problems that may be caused by other users of the server. They are rare, however, apart from bandwidth plundering and over-consumption of resources.

On shared hosting, most security problems will come from your own account, your project code or settings, what you install.

7. Conclusion, what type of server hosting to choose?

Through the different comparisons made previously, shared hosting is an easy solution but forget about performance, this solution is suitable if you are a beginner or in a server lab to test your addons. The price is more affordable and the management is easier. You can also turn to this type of server if performance is not an important criterion for your project which I doubt when you want to sell VIPs on a Gmod server running on a DarkRP that would row and take users 20 minutes to reach it. (For example Zworld-Afterlife in 7 seconds)

Dedicated hosting is preferable if you have a project that requires a lot of resources, such as a game server and especially Gmod, and if you want to be able to configure your server settings as you wish.

8. Some hosting providers

8.1 Dedicated Server providers

2. OVH

8.2 SharedServer providers
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