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🚀 Split of the official forum in two languages

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David (NordaHL) Posted 1582091665 (Edited) (5437 views)

Well, that's how the forum was split into two separate forums, one French and one English. For reasons of ease of use.

This will not impact the Performance Level in any way, but it does help to offload the forum's reception. Before the forum displayed the topics of both languages in one page.
Since now each language has its own homepage, this will not saturate the display of the language not in use and will impact all users who are not bilingual.


Whoever doesn't want to or can't write English will go to the French forum. And so it is the same for English people who can't write French. So here there is no discrimination by forcing users to write either French or English.


I would arrange when it comes to important articles such as announcements and tutorials to do one in French and one in English.

Take care. 🙂
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