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Norda Posted 1615171324 (Edited) (157 views)
Hello to all,

My nickname Nordahl Scripts becomes Norda Scripts.

You know me as Nordahl on Scriptfodder at the time, Gmodstore or Zworld.

Creator of Zworld and scripts that I created on Gmodstore from 2015 to 2017 and creator of Originahl Scripts from 2017 to today. I've had the nickname Nordahl since 2006 now and it's 2021. I have come a long way with the nickname Nordahl and unfortunately I use it almost everywhere, everyone knows my projects under this name. Even for my drawings.

But since the cases of the serial killer Nordahl le Lelandais in France, my nickname reminds me too much, I fight against the media overwhelming on the search engine optimization that corresponds to the articles written by the media on the serial killer Nordahl le Lelandais. I have been crushed at the level of SEO thanks to the media writing articles about him for 4 years now, dividing my turnover by about 400%. This drop in SEO has a significant negative impact on my visibility which I am fighting because reporting current facts.

My professional activity, my company, my projects, my life have been strongly impacted, if we add to that the harassment I suffered on Gmodstore and the abuse of power that forced me to leave this site for total independence by creating my own platform, the Originahl scripts. Where I was able to work seriously.

The pseudonym Nordahl is no longer a pride when it reminds the name of a serial killer, and not that of a passionate creator, and of course of technologies, programming languages.

I thought that with time, this would pass. Unfortunately, I'm wrong, even today I'm working hard to remove the steel ball attached to my foot.

And this nickname, which I was very attached to and which allowed me to live, will no longer be used in my work.

Why this change today?
I don't intend to be bigger than the media industry, so my chances of changing that are almost nil. Today, I am the father of a pretty little smiling baby, and like everyone else I have to make decisions for the world for my future and that of my family.

And I've decided to change that, that nickname that's more of a ball and chain today. I think this nickname change will also have a negative impact on my visibility, but it will still be less worse than being constantly erased from search engines as soon as something happens or news is added in the Nordahl Lelandais case. It's impossible to live as a small company that doesn't have any weight against the steamroller that is the media industry.

You will see that it is even impossible now to find even one of my drawings, with the key words, Nordahl + Drawing. And that only the pages of the articles about the killer will be visible. I don't want that anymore.

I remain attached to the North (which is my home region in France) and I'm sure that Norda Scripts will not be a serial killer (I shouldn't defy my Karma like that. Karma if you see me don't read between the brackets ).

When I created my pseudonym Nordahl a long time ago, I didn't know that it could be a first name, let alone that it could be worn in France, it gives you an idea of what it feels like to have a Karma like mine.

Now you know all about the reasons for the change of pseudonym. Nothing more to add about the reasons.

Feel free to share the information. I would post the same message on my English steam group, and on my social networks.

I plan to publish 40 scripts in 2021. These are condensed suggestions from my clients and the technologies I developed when I created the Zworld gamemode created on Garry's Mod ( Gmod ).

Thank you for your reading. And thank you for always trusting me. For the rest, creation of scripts, support tickets, updates, I am always at your service and always motivated. :)

My little baby is a new strength that adds to the motivation and positive thoughts I already had.


David (Alias "Nordahl Scripts", "Nordahl Gmod" and "Nordahl Gmodstore", or "Nordahl Scriptfodder")
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