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Migration of the DRM server in progress

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Version fr : Migration of DRM server FR annoucements

Following an instability problem with a host, I migrate my DRM system to reduce the number of intermediaries for more stability and security.

What has changed?
Until now, DRM links were only in http. They are now in https. You will need to update the script to take advantage of it.

Will the old DRM system shut down immediately?
No, I paid for the accommodation until 2020. I'll keep the old DRM online to give you time to migrate it. The end of the old DRM is estimated on: December 05, 2020.

You have time but I recommend that you install the latest version to take advantage of the https links and the stability of the level of this site.

When do I have to update my scripts?
You will be notified on the site when a script you have purchased is updated. The concerned scripts with a DRM have been updated.
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