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First maintenances of the year 2022 successfully completed

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Norda Posted 1642127637 (Edited) (79 views)
We start the year on a new structure. A new operating system.

The transfer of the IP block took 5 minutes, I thought it would last less than that. This delay was beyond my control.

The servers are up. Sorry for this first 5 minute of interruption since 2017.

For those on Originahl Scripts [originahl-scripts.com] :
Happy New Year to you and your projects.
This year, many new scripts are planned. I didn't reach my goal of 16 scripts for 2021. I did reach 10 new scripts in 2021, with the many hospitalizations of my little baby (long live the nursery). Nothing serious, I was also catching everything he brought from the nursery at the same time. Everything is better for both of us today, I will be able to catch up on his 6 missing scripts from 2021. And attack the 2022 elements pretty quickly.
Despite this, the support never failed. :)
Thanks for your trust.

For those in Zworld [zworld-afterlife.com]:
For those of you in the Zworld, try not to end up a brain sandwich for the zombies.
It's fine you've already traveled 2,634 km between you. Running is good for your health. :D (I'm sure that in real life zombies would help me run more often)
Happy new year to you too, the new system will allow me to add skins from other cult games that have built my references.
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