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☕️ TiSmA offered 10 Coffees + Kitsu 2 Coffees + Mr.Cool 9 Coffees + Gaunter 1 Coffee + Unloved Forever 1 Coffee + Emma 1 Coffee 🆕 Scripts was recently Updated : Music area v1.5 + Job Agenda Editor v3.5 + Job Whitelist system v4.7 + Safezones systems v2.8

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Originahl's Feed
AvatarVern Offered 1 cups
Thank youThere is 2 days
AvatarTiSmA Offered 10 cups
Le Best ! pour toute l'aide que tu ma déjà apporté alors que tu n’étais pas obligé, le support que tu nous à fourni MERCIIIIIIII

🇬🇧: The Best ! For all the help you've already given me when you didn't have to, the support you've given us thank you.
There is 2 days
AvatarKitClan | Kitsu Offered 1 cups
Parce que tu aimes ma voix et que tu la trouve sensuelle :D

🇬🇧: Because you like my voice and you find it sensual.
There is 3 days
AvatarDr.Cool Offered 9 cups
Thank you great supportThere is 4 days
AvatarGaunter Offered 1 cups
Voilà le café ;)There is 5 days
AvatarKitsu Offered 1 cups
Rapide, très agréables discussions et offre un support du tonnerre malgré que tu sois overbooké ! Et une personne agréable !

🇬🇧: Fast, very nice discussions and offers a thunderous support despite you being overbooked ! And a nice person !
There is 1 month
AvatarΦυσν∂ fσν. Offered 1 cups
Un très bon support, et de belles explications, rien à dire :D

🇬🇧: Very good support, and beautiful explanations, nothing to say :D
There is 2 months
AvatarLily [ Zworld ] Offered 1 cups
Happy birthday!There is 4 months
AvatarI3lackFlo [IFG] Offered 1 cups
Really nice and interactive support. Keep up the good work!There is 4 months
AvatarAnonyme Offered 1 cups
Hi, it's a gift for your job, thanks ;)There is 5 months