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🚀 Originahl-Scripts website Changelog 2019

🚀 v1.3 - Tuesday 17th of December 2019 05:49:37 PM

DRM migration. Completed.

Creates the first topical tips and guides of each category on the forum and pins them : Forum
BBCode : Spoilers : Discussion here

New Scripts
Gmod Discord Logging System : Link

Added number of Forum Posts and Reply
Added number of Reactions Given and Received

Scripts Description
Upload system for the icon of the script 16x16

Add Spoiler code in docs abour Text formatting language : Documentation
Updating the infrastructure
🚀 v1.2 - Thursday 7th of November 2019 10:26:42 AM

Update Documentations FR : Documentation FR
Update Documentations EN : Documentation EN

Forum Upgrades
Update of Discord Bot
The categories of the forums can be reduced. By clicking on the arrow
System of persistence of your display choices on the forum

Scripts Creator
Script updater system
System to submit a new script
Script Uploader system
Tags and Languages settings
Admin System to approve a new script
Editor can choose the discount as a percentage of the price

Website Module
Made the Section -Help- Editable from the website
Rewrite the old wiki on the new system
🚀 v1.1 - Thursday 5th of September 2019 06:19:20 AM

Bot Discord
Informe the Discord when a News is published
Avatar of Origina HL Bots

Scripts Creator
New Lightbox of Scripts (screenshots system) + Optimization : Video test
Script Media management : Video test
Banner Updater : Quick Video demo
Replace the old lightbox by the new : Video on my facebook page

System : Upload images to the web server
🚀 v1.0 - Wednesday 21st of August 2019 01:08:33 AM

Code Bot Discord
Bot Discord for Todolist update
For the creation of topics on the forum
For the answers to the topics on the forum
For Scripts Update and Changelog

Document EN & FR
Hierarchy & ranks : Document EN & FR
Convert the old wiki of my 16 scripts on the new system : Example with the : Job Whitelisting System
Document on Sounds Formats supported on Gmod : Document EN & FR

Scripts Changelog
Convert the old changelog of my 16 scripts on the new system

Scripts Creator
Script Changelog editor
Wiki Editor for the scripts
Scripts Description Management

Script Editor System
Buyer Finder for programers
🚀 v0.9 - Tuesday 6th of August 2019 12:59:16 PM

Create a Forum : Forum
For admin : Forum Manager system
Add a workspace for programmers
Organization of the forum structure

Markdown updated (Balize [code]) : Markdown
🚀 v0.8 - Wednesday 10th of July 2019 11:17:10 AM

News defiler on the home of the website
For Admin : News Editor
Admin panel

Update the dashboard
Update / My purchases list
🚀 v0.7 - Sunday 7th of July 2019 05:49:52 AM

For admin : Changelog Editor
Cache system for optimisation
🚀 v0.6 - Sunday 7th of July 2019 04:19:13 AM

To do list : link
For Admin : To do list editor
Markdown system : link
Emoji compatibility : link

New Designe
New Logo